Run up to christmas


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So 13 sleeps till christmas…  kids are a bit excited.
Think a trip to santa is due next week.

My big boys are sorted
My fred  is a simple 5 year old boy. Hasnt asked for much at all
Winnie the pooh family… so he has one of each character from disney store cant wait to see his face….

Joshua is hotwheels mad  so he has a giant set….
Also both have kindle fire 7 each  with headphones and netflix subscription  …
  One each to save arguements…
  Along with  new dvds and games and loads of little stocking fillers…

The family are all getting lovely pics of the kiddies  🙂

Just jay  and joey  to sort….
What do u get a 3 month old baby boy… he has a million soft toys…

And well jay… he never wants anything…
So socks and pands for the stocking filler…  aftershave … boots… leather bracelet… series dvd… dunno what else…  

Well thats most of xmas sorted…

Life is okay….
15 weeks strong with the breastfeeding… joey is a right little character  and a bit of a mummys boy too hehehe….

Having a rough day today  with the teething (just guessing  teething… a temp and attitude)
Was up all night  very emotional..

But he is developing really well… can sit up for about 10 seconds  alone…  very chatty  and smiley… we have had a couple of giggles… first time he laughed at his brothers  who were pretending to be monkeys…   was amazing..

They boys are good too  doing great at school  and  same old stuff at home….
Mess around at bed time… wake up tired and moody.
Greatful for the weekend   as the have no bed time so less stress.

Some days its a shock that im a mummy to 3 amazing boys…

Be back after christmas with updates

Happy holidays  to all  🙂



Back on track


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Finally back on track of getting out a seeing people  and meeting my ladies whom have shared my journey the past 9 months.
Yesterday12.11.14  i met the wonderful candice and baby noah  what a stunner…    was like we has know eachother forever  and had met many times before….
Its amazing how friendships form….
Heres us


   Cant wait till next week to meet donna and the twins  kayden and blake  on wednesday and also dominique and baby noah thursday.

Back to see my cookie (clayr )  baby bow,maddie,delaynee,lilliella, scarlett and ebony.. at end of the month too… 

keeping busy controls the hormones and depressing moods.

Hope to also see kayleigh and my chubbs dylan tomorrow if all is good.
And hopefully  bea and sienna, katie  william and george, nic  frankie chilli  diva neeko teejay n paige  will be at clayrs too  🙂
See my lovely candice and noah again near xmas.
Hope to have my travel plans sorted by new year.  Summer babies on tour…  i cant wait to get round to everyone…  my scrap book i.has just got started cant wait to fill it  🙂

Have a fab day 🙂

The big surprise


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So yesterday…. well  what can i say about yesterday.  11th november 2014.
Rememberance day…  i will remember it for another reason too now….
My best buddy bea and i had a play daye planned… she was coming over with the gorgeous sienna (joeys future wife)  well she txte and said we shiuld meet in london (central) and go see the poppies at tower of london.  I really wanted to see them so was fab change of plans.
Bea gets the train  and i get the bus.
I hopped on the 141 from green lanes   to london bridge…  there was a bit of traffic so took about an hour…
I was meeting her in all bar one london bridge. I called bea as i got off the bus to double check i was going to the right one.  (I was ) …
I walked in chatting away… and well 
the most amazing surprise…   bea was there with a big grin on her face  with all these things in front of her  (i didnt take any notice of the things on the table)
She says “these r for u….”  well  i just started crying and calling everyone  wankers and dicks lol…  i insult out love  and shock…
My wonderful ladies got together and planned this.
I was in a world of my own  when i walked in and never noticed the beautiful flowers  and presents on the table  or even notice bea recording me.
I was over taken by emotion.  Never had anything like this before.   Ive never really had friends as wonderful and as special as these ladies…. they are one of a kind and i am so thankful they found my group.
It was amazing and the gifts were perfect.  I love these ladies.  I havent met them all in person yet but my 2015 aim is the uk summer babies tour.
I have started a scrap book which i will fill with my memories and photos of everyone i meet.
The few i have met so far are amazing  and have some dates set up for trips already.

I thank you all for your support and kindness and the amazing friendships that have happened.

Well once the shock was over and i fought my emotions i was also treated to a lovely lunch.
Heres me with my lush pressies and lunch


Once we had finished feeding babies and eating.. we took the walk to tower of london.. we see the poppies  well as much as we could through all the crowds of tourists.  It was lovely to see ..


Tower of london poppies


Me bea sienna and joey



Wonderful and eventful day
Thanks to my bestie  bea   and all my summer mummies and babies xxx

The Labour and birth of my 3rd


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Okay so i had done it 2 times before and both times is was not a nice experience to say the least….  gas and air was all i had with the first 2.
Baby number 3 .  Nothing at all  no pain releif … brave or stupid i dunno…

So  im a week overdue on 1st september…   adamant im going to end up getting induced because the boy was to comfy…  
I went to bed on that monday evening at 8pm because i just couldnt be bothered with the day anymore…  at 3am (now 2nd september ) i woke up with a crampy pain… thought i needed the loo (number 2)
Went to the bathroom  amd to my surprise it was my bloody show… ive never been so excited to see blood like snot lumps in my undies…. (gross i know)   so  after that dash of excitement i was wide awake  now 3.30am  i am running a bath  to clean myself up (and tidy the lady garden)
  Still getting these light cramps…  i thought id start timing them.   4am out the bath and  sitting in my towel on my big ball bouncing away, still timing my “cramps”   all i could think to myself was… if these were more painful id say they were contractions by the timings im getting. (45-60 seconds 2-4 mins apart)
i snap chat my sister who was asleep in the next room  i think its time with a funny pic  of myself…

I said to myself at 6 am i will call delivey ward….
Pains got  stronger  and i was so excited..  i re sorted my hospital bag between each contraction… now 5am im still in my towel  and bags by front door… sitting on my ball  still timing. I snapchat my sis again  saying ready when u are haha…

Jamie (the other half) woke up and said what are you doing  go back to sleep…
I burst out laughing  said hahaha nah im okay here thanks.. 
He looked at me like i was crazy..  he had noticed the odd face i was pulling every few minutes  and got up and said  “oh bloody shit its time aint it” i giggled  and said yeah  about time i guess…
He then said ” nah  im not ready yet.. try again tomorrow.. im not ready to be a daddy today i need more sleep”
Im sitting on my ball rolling from side to side giggling  and freezing with the pain  and giggling again. (I was soo excited and nervous)
We we went to the kitchen and made a brew talking and laughing.  My sister  must have heard the noise  and “bang” i heard the bedrrom door fly open and ciara (sister) came running out  shouting  “u cant send me snap chats like that  whats wrong with u…. wait why r u both laughing… is the baby coming ??” 
I said yeah  just having a cuppa then going hospital…  she ran round screaming with excitement.
My mum was awake  laying on the sofa… (yes u all must be thinking bloody hell full house…  my mum stays with me  alot   and my sister just turns up alot haha.)
I was sad because i was gonna miss my boys first day back at school.

I rang  maternity ward  and was tild to come in.
Got in at 7am… handed my notes over.. got my obs done  and was up on delivery ward by 8am and given my antibiotics (GBS in previous pregnancy)
I was examined and was 3 cm  at 8am. Midwife  gloria… said she will come and check me at 11am  and give next dose of antibiotics.
Was in my room updating my frogs and my baby group… reading mags and eating kitkats…  11am came and  gloria the midwife returned..  she said if i havent progressed she will break my waters… (it then hit me that this baby is comming) i was scared  and nervous  holding back tears by laughing and making jokes….
No progress … i was 3-4cm dilated… she got her kit ready to break my waters… in she went… gloria give it a good go  and after 10 minutes  there was a big gush….. 
Thats when it really started…
Contractions got alot stronger…  had my 2nd lot of antibiotics… 
  After that it was a bit of a blur… i asked for gas and air… took one suck and it made me feel awful  so i decided i didnt want any more…
   Ciara is excited  jamie is shiting himself…  amd im on a load of pain… then my auntie walks in …. she always makes it ontime for the birth (she made it within 10 mins of freddie  and 30 mins of joshua)  contractions were a minute apart  i barely got time to laugh before each pain came again…  all i can remember is the midwife saying  there was too many in the room (only allowed 2 guests and i had 3) but my auntie  was sneaky  she just kept changing the subject  and talking to the midwifes…   it hit 2pm and i needed to push… my midwife  just finished her break and come running back in…   im not gonna lie  she was amazing… my midwife was fab  she helped so much..  18 minutes later   baby joseph james antony gallo  was here… he was perfect  he was worth it… he was much easier than the previous two births…   3kg  … 6lb 9oz  and 50 cm long … he peed on the midwife..  ciara cut his cord… daddy cried (shhh i didnt tell u that)
I was so happy  and it was all so quick 🙂
Welcome to the world joey…  heres his first pic at 2 mins old


Thanks for reading  🙂


From the begining….


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So i havent had the easiest life so far but i wouldnt change a thing because every little detail made me who i am now…
Lets start at the very begining  august 11th 1990 4.45am  a baby was brought into the world  6lb 9oz and 47cm long. Yep thats me… deana…  i was born in hastings (sussex) in buchannan hospital… i was my parents first child.  I dont remeber too much from being little untill my not so little sister  come into the world 5 years later on september 18th 1995. Little did i know then she would be one of my best friends… (little did i know for the 1st 12 years she would be a giant pain in my bum) 
I remeber the first time i see her she was diddy   and i loved her.   She grew quickly  and turned into a little monster.. a cute chubby monster…  in december 1996 we moved  from hastings  to london… south east london… to a place called woolwich.
We had to move because of my dad getting in some trouble with the police. (Dont judge ) my dad was a drug dealer  and our house got raided and so we moved.  
We moved into an average sized 3 bedroom flat on the top floor, the 3rd floor. I remember the day because  i was happy i could reach the taps to the kitchen sink (im a shot arse) 
It was great because the play area was right outside my bedroom window. For the first few weeks i remember watching other children out there. Untill my mum let me out to play.
I would ride my bike round the park and around the block of flats.  I made frieds quick on the estate (still friends now)
I started school in the january and was very shy for alteast …. well untill i left school… i wasnt a big people person. (How things change )
When i was 8 my mum and dad wernt getting on much and by the time i was 9 my dad left us…  it was my mums fault…  she had a drinking problem and well she cheated on him… my dad did what he could for us and my mum never appreciated it. (Well from a 9 year olds point of view)
Mum and dad fought and dad left.
I was so upset… i was a daddys girl (still am)  my dad came back once and tried to run away with my little sister ciara.. it upset me that he didnt try to take me..  a man from the estate got my sister and brought her back…. i had counciling from the age of 8 untill i was 15….  it never helped.
Once my dad left my mum went off the rails completely drinking and taking drugs. She was depressed… she would go out and come home with strangers. She would forget to collect us from school. For a few months she calmed down as she started working… just a small cleaning job 3 times a week, but it was enough to keep her mind busy.  Then again mum went off the rails  and was really bad drinking taking cocaine  amd then she would pick on me. She  beat me up for months untill one day i retaliated, i hit her back, i was scared  but she just walked off and went to her room…  I was 12… she smashed a mirror over my head. I had cuts on my back on my neck and in my head.  My sister slept safely in her room (thank god)   i cleaned the broken mirror   and then myself. I got dressed for school and then got my sister dressed and took her to school. When i got to my school (30mins on bus away) i told my teacher. She then got in contact with the social services. 
It went on for a couple of years before the social services done anything. There were times when id have to grab my sister and take her out of the flat in the middle of the night  ecause mum was threattening to burn the place down.
When i was 14 i was put into foster care and so was ciara.  Ciara went to my aunts in north london  (she still lives there now.. 10 years on)
I got fostered my my best friends mum.
The twins  corina and selina.. id met them on the estate when i was 6.  I was used to their home  because id always spend time there. We went to school together  we were inseperable. I lived there for just over 2 years. Was great most of the time  but 3 teenage girls were bound to cause a bit of drama hehehe…  we use to sneak out get drunk and cause havoc…

One year it was the twins birthday… sweet 16.. so we were having friends over.   Melissa One of my closest friends  came to do my hair for the party…  she left to go get ready at her house… she never came back… she never made it home either… she had an asthma attack  on the bus home and became unconsious… the ambulance never got there quick enough… she died.  We never knew.. untill 9pm on the 13th may 2006  the police knocked on the door asking for me !!
I was worried … i hadnt done anything wrong…  i spoke to them  and they asked if i knew melissa… i said yeah  what she done  joking around with nerves…   they told me she was in hospital on life support machine.
I froze with fear… i couldnt talk i couldnt cry i was in shock….  they told me i was the person she asked for before she passed out  a man .. a stranger was with her for the last minutes and she needed me.

I was a mess. I visited her  a few times and her parents decided to turn off the life support… her funeral was the hardest day of my life. We had plans  so many plans… but that was it they wernt ever going to happen.
I went off the rails a bit  i messed up my gcses  and got drunk alot.

I soon realised that being reckless wasnt gonna solve anything.   I calmed down. 
That year i finished school  and my aunt took me away to cyprus withy sister and the family.  It was nice  id never been abroard before .. 

I got back and started college.
16 years old and at college doing catering… i loved to cook and thats what i wanted to do..  in november 2006 i found out i was pregnant….  SHOCKED doesnt cover it..  it could only be one person…..  i told him… i told the family… i didnt want kids… i want a kids kinda person…   april quickly came round. I moved into a flat.  16 and pregnant… yep  that was me…

The labor was scary  and hard… i had gas and air… my mum was there  my aunt was there  and jack (the sperm donor) was there…
He got stuck and come out with his hand on his face…
Joshua was born on 17th april 2007 at 11.37pm  5lb 9oz
This child changed my life.
It never worked between me and jack. He wanted to be a teenage boy  and i didnt want that round my baby.

  I met sean in 2004 through a friend.  In december 2007 we got together.. he was great… was amazing with joshua and just seemed great.   He was in the army  so wasnt around too much. Came home every weekend and when on leave.
In feb 2008 i got pregnant and had a misscarraige.   Then byay i was pregnant again…. With freddie …    pregnancy went quick. He was born 17th february 2009 at 6.33 am  6lb 4oz.
Sean proposed… i said yes… 
After freddie came things were different.  Sean turned agressive towards me.  It was steroids.
He was obsessed with his body… needed muscles.. needed them bigger…
  He soon turned voilent and hit me…
I didnt know what to do. 
My thoughts were i wouldnt cope on my own.  So i stayed.
We got married in the november 2009.
Moved from london to wiltshire. We lived in army accomodation a 3 bedroom house on a pad estate (military estate)
I hated it…
I knew no one … i had no one. Just me and the 2 boys.
  Sean would be moody and abusive.
Hit me on a weekly basis…  but now i was trapped…
No friends near  no family near… nothing.  
In 2010 sean was cheating on me   we argued  and he broke my jaw. 
I got a restraining order against him.  I was scared and lonely…

In the february 2011  he came to me  and asked to take the kids away … i said no ! Not without me…

At the end of april i found myself on a plane to argentina… (i thought it was in spain… im a bit thick) little did i know it was in south america.
it wasnt the nicest place.  But we went to the zoo  and the hotel was nice.

On the way back. We got stopped at customed and searched…

I didnt know what to think.
They put us in a room took sean away somewhere. Left us there for about 6 hours. I didnt understand anything they were saying..    then a horrid woman come in… she was a translater.  She asked if id packed my bags.  The answer was no !  I had 2 small children to deal with  sean done the packing.
They kept asking me the same question. But they wouldnt tell me why i was there…
they give us a sandwich  after 12 hours of being stuck in a cold tiny room.

Aparently  sean thought it was a good idea to smuggle drugs to the uk… and got caught…
(Why is it everyone in my life is revolved around some kind of drugs)

we were arrested.    I stayed in a womens prison with my 2 kids for a week before they moved me  to a nunnery… (yes a nunnery with nuns )
When there i shared a room with 8 other people.
I had no privacy. And wasnt allowed to leave (house arrest)
After a few weeks it came back that i was not guilty  and was allowed to leave. But sean got charged.
I still didnt have my passport  (the courts are really slow in south america)
I stayed at the nunnery. (the other women that lived there were all there due to relationship abuse)  for 6 weeks i had still no privacy  and no one had respect or hygiene standards.
Others would steal my belongings,
There was not much i could do due to the language barrier.
The food was amazing the nuns were lovely too…. Found me some english books to read.. my boys were learning spanish with one of the nuns too.
My dad (who i had no contact with for nearly 8 years… ) wrote to me on fb  amd he sent me some money to get me by out there. we  went on day trips  to the zoo  to the river plate. And round the shops.
I finally got my passport back in july…
Now was the proplem of finding 1500 pound to get tickets home.

The british embassy  were useless and would have left me and my kids there to rot…
The british army (i was still an army wife)  paid for my tickets home.
When i gor home i went into supported housing.  me and the boys got home on 18th july 2011.

I was depressed. Because of sean id lost everything. My home  my belongings and me… i wasnt myself.

I was lonlely  and depressed. I started talking to a friend (mark) id met through another friend back in wiltshire who was back in london.

He came to see me. We Spent some time together  was nice to have the company.
I moved from the supported housing to a flat in north london at the end of october 2011…

In the next couple of months we  started seeing eachother… (clearly stated it wasnt a relationship just company and fun)
Mark asked me to spend xmas with him ans his kids.
  we did.
After 10 months we labeled it a relationship.
It went down hill from then.
I found out he lied  and cheated several times.   december 2012 we split.
We did see eachother  on and off after this.
15th february 2013 i went to a friend of a friends birthday party..  where i met  the other half (jamie) …
Was a quiet party  untill jamie turned up.
Id has a couple of vodka lemonades  and was standing at the bar (its all i could do in the heels i was wearing that night)  when jamie  tapped me on the shoulder  and passed me a shot glass with something in it… he said thats for u… i drank it  as i did he shouted no no no….  so i spat it back into the glass nearly choking… he laughed  .. i was imbarrased… sambucca dribbiling down my chin…  he then said okay now drink it..  i did… 2 hours later  he is still buying shots for me and several others.  I went outside with a friend. Jamie walked out  called me over and kissed me… (i was shocked ) (id never been the girl to kiss a stranger)
He give me his number before i left.
I was totally drunk  and what happened next was a bit slutty haha… 
I got home and i called him… he come round and well…. dot …dot…dot…

Woke up the next day in shock.. id never invited anyone to my flat
Let alone a stranger  and doing  YOU KNOW WHAT….

Anyway  he left and i went back to sleep for the whole day and night. Woke up on the 17th february  to a few messages from jamie…
He was keen… hahaha
I played it out and didnt txt back till that evening.   We arranged to meet for lunch a few days later…
Was crazy  how comfrotable  it was to sit and chat.
We were pretty serious very quick. Was great  and he was like me.. weirdly…
We get on great even 19months on. We had ups and downs….
In december i found out i was pregnant…  jamie wasnt to happy  we didnt speak for a few weeks  cos we couldnt agree on what was best.
We had our scan and it all changed  we were happy.

My pregnancy was good. I kept busy.
I made my facebook group called summer bumps and babies. And i made some amazing friends and met  some lovely women.  Group still going strong. And was an amazing experience to go through all these pregnancies and births with these wonderful women. And now watching these babies grow and develop.
My joey was one of the last babies to come from the 200 members in the group. Joey was born o  the 2nd september at 2.18pm  6lb 9oz (same as me )  and 50cm long
My biggest baby so far  (shhh dont tell jamie  i want one more hehehe)

Well thats my life so far  and i wouldnt change a thing  because im so happy with where and who i am now.

Thanks for reading my story 🙂


heres me :)

so  a few of my lovely ladies mentioned starting up a blog…   so i jumped at it  and here we are… at the start… 

would have been better if id started one at the beginning of this crazy journey… but tbh i wasnt sure how to….  google knows best  :p

so i guess the best place to start is would be now…

So here’s me.

My name is Deana  (pronounced dean-a… not de-ana ) im 24,  a 90s baby and a leo..  i have 3 sons… yeah 3 beautiful mummies boys.

Joshua whos 7  is exactly like me.

Freddie-ashton whos 5 and just like his dad (the ex husband)

And the newest addition to my life

Joseph (joey) who is 66 days old as i type  and well we dont know who he is like yet…

Whilst i was pregnant i made  a facebook group for pregnant ladies who were expecting their bundles of cuteness  around the same time as me….  little did i know that it would be so succesful  and amazing with around 200 members. (I thought id be gibbering on to myself the whole pregnancy)

Anyway i have met some wonderful people and i have made some life long friends too. Its crazy how so many hormonal women can get along so well. The group is full of support and great advice.

Ive had lovely lunch dates and dinner dates with local members (my lovely london essex and kent ladies)

There is a handful of girls that i have become super close to  and when i say a handful there is 5 of em…  Bea,  Clayr , Kayleigh , Katie, Nicola.  These 5 wonderful ladies are known as my box of frogs…. my crazy box of frogs.  Without these girls my pregnancy would have dragged more than it did. I speak to my frogs every day. It’s mad because we are all from different parts of uk.  Im in London , Bea is Kent,  Kayleigh is Essex , Clayr is Wales , Katie is Nottingham  and Nicola is Blackpool.

We were all due our babies in august and we all had a bit of drama with it too.    We had Bea and our beautiful Sienna who came on the 9th july  very early as she was due on 20th august.    Then Clayr and our cutie  Evie-Bow who came on the 19th july  13 days early.  Next was Kayleigh with out little chunk Dylan who came on 7th august his due date.   After was Katie and our stunner William who came on the 8th august  3 days late.  Then Nicola who had the tichy Frankie-lou on the 13th august was due on 24th but nic has never carried past 36 weeks so this was super long for her…. then there was me  best till last id say :p  my joey came on the 2nd september  8 days late. But by far my easiest labour out of the 3.

First i met bea,  we r super close… we met in stratford westfield and we clicked  at the start.. and is my best friend now.  Then there was a lush lunch date in jamies itallian in bluewater where me and bea met  our essex bird kayleigh  and again went to fast… all 3 of us with our big bumps waddling around. Me and bea and sienna done a trip to wales to see clayr and 2 week old bow, that day went so fast.  Then  it was clayr who came to london at end of august with baby bow and we stayed at bea’s for the weekend. We give our clayr a tour of central london  with bow and sienna in their buggies and me still waddling along….   and finally joey showed up and we all had our big meet up in blackpool, it was amazing  and emotional.  Few of us had some tears (baby hormones)

Since then me and bea see eachother alot. And ive been back to wales for a weekend  katie and nicola came too  was a crazy weekend with 14 kiddies running round (shockingly were all well behaved and not to loud)

Its been a rollercoaster and these ladies not just my frogs all my summer babies ladies have been a great support.

I cant thank them all enough for being a part of this amazing journey.

I am still working my way round the uk meeting my wonderful members.

I will try and remember to update from today.

Next  post i  will tell u all about the past 66 days  from labour  to chatty baby boy.